MEDIA ADVISORY: Nova Scotians rally for $15 minimum wage


Nova Scotians rally for $15 minimum wage

WHEN: Tuesday Oct. 2, 12pm – 1pm
WHERE: Rally at Killam Library, 6225 University Ave. Halifax
WHAT: Rally and March for $15 & Fairness
SPEAKERS: Aidan McNally, Lynn Jones, Rana Zaman, Taylor Maclean, and more
VISUALS: Over a hundred people, protest signs, big lead banner

As Nova Scotia becomes the province with the lowest minimum wage, some of the highest tuition rates, and the highest poverty rate in the country, Nova Scotians are hitting the streets calling for a $15 minimum wage. Following successful campaigns in Alberta, British Columbia and Ontario, the newly formed Fight for $15 & Fairness movement aims to provoke a debate that it knows it can win. Minimum wage hikes in Ontario and Alberta have produced a stronger economy and lower unemployment levels, leaving wage hike naysayers with little to back their claims. The Fight for $15 & Fairness is rallying people behind the bold vision of building the economy from below, and is also demanding higher income assistance rates and greater protections and benefits for all workers.

Mark Culligan – 902-430-3874,
Darius Mirshahi – 902-999-2716,


Ontario: “Employment Boom in Ontario Defies Minimum-Wage Naysayers”
Alberta: “Minimum wage hike a success despite gloomy predictions”


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