Call the province to demand a decent minimum wage

Call Premier Houston: (902) 424-6600

Call Minister of Labour Jill Balser: (902) 308-1992



I’m calling to say that today’s 40 cent increase to the minimum wage is nowhere near sufficient to keep workers from living in poverty. It is inexcusable that this increase does not even keep pace with inflation, which this government pegged at 5.7% in February. We know from other provinces that have raised minimum wages substantially in the past 7 years that minimum wage increases benefit the economy as a whole, as these increases have been associated with lower unemployment and less poverty.

I believe that workers in Nova Scotia don’t deserve to be struggling like they are right now. We deserve a $20 minimum wage and paid sick days. The Minister has the power to make these changes, and I request that they bring these issues to the Premier. The situation is urgent as the housing crisis and rapid inflation are making it hard for workers to maintain stable and healthy lives.

Thank you for your time.