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We are fighting for:

  • Provide at least 10 permanent, employer-paid sick leave days each year and an additional 14 during public health outbreaks;

  • Promote full-time work by offering additional hours to existing part-time workers before hiring new employees;

  • Provide set minimum hours of work each week, and provide schedules at least two weeks in advance;

  • Legislate equal pay and benefits for equal work regardless of race, gender, employment status or immigration status;

  • Protect all workers from unjust firing (stop wrongful dismissal) and ensure migrant and undocumented workers can assert labour rights;

  • End the practice of contract flipping, support wage protection and job security for workers when companies change ownership or contracts expire;

  • Make it easier for all workers to join a union by signing cards, allowing workers to form unions across franchises, subcontractors, regions or sectors of work (broader-based bargaining); and

  • Enforce all laws proactively through adequate public staffing and meaningful penalties for employers who violate the laws.

  • Ensure all workers are paid at least $20 per hour, no exemptions;