Fight for $15 Rally changes the conversation around wages in Nova Scotia


poll showing almost 80% of Nova Scotians want a $15 minimum wage. themed their daily poll around the Fight for $15 action, asking if readers supported a $15 minimum wage. Almost 80% of respondents did!

The Fight for $15 & Fairness Halifax held their first public action on Oct. 2, to bring attention to the fact that – as of October – Nova Scotia was the province with the lowest minimum wage in the country. October 1st also marked the moment that Alberta became the first province in Canada to achieve a $15 minimum wage, after having the lowest wage in the country as recently as 2015.

The rally started at Dalhousie University and also highlighted that Nova Scotia is home to the fastest rising tuitions, and the highest tuition rates in 3 out of 4 undergraduate categories. We then marched to Labi Kousoulis’ office. Being the Minister of Labour and Advanced Education, Labi was an obvious focal point for the rally, as his ministry was responsible for both the high tuition rates and the paltry minimum wage.

“Minimum Wage, Maximum Rage – Nova Scotia Needs a Raise” chanted almost 100 protesters as they marched to Kousoulis’ office. But the spirit of the rally was not angry as much as hopeful. As our media advisory read, “the Fight for $15 & Fairness movement aims to provoke a debate that it knows it can win. Minimum wage hikes in Ontario and Alberta have produced a stronger economy and lower unemployment levels, leaving wage hike naysayers with little to back their claims.”

In response to our rally, during an interview with Global TV, Minister Labi Kousoulis said “Whatever the evidence points to, then that’s what [ the minimum wage] should be.” So, we are encouraging people to share the success stories of Alberta and Ontario with his office ( or call (902) 424-6647 (902-444-8200 if you are a constituent).

The Fight for $15 & Fairness is rallying people behind the bold vision of building the economy from below, and is also demanding higher income assistance rates and greater protections and benefits for all workers.

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