New Name, New Demands: Justice for Workers NS

Fight for $15 and Fairness Halifax/K’jipuktuk is announcing that they have become Justice for Workers Nova Scotia, an organization dedicated to fighting for workers’ rights. For the past few month’s members of FF15 held forums and had many discussions on updating their demands. “We recognize that calls for a $15 minimum wage are no longer enough to support Nova Scotians,” said Mark Cunningham, a member of Justice for Workers Nova Scotia. “There is a growing amount of literature that points to this fact” Cunningham explains. “For instance, in November 2021 the Nova Scotia branch of the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives announced that a living wage in Nova Scotia ranges from $22.05 in Halifax to $18.45 in Cape Breton Regional Municipality.” Both of these wages are far beyond our current minimum wage of $12.95 an hour, both calculations are also still well above the demand for $15.

As the organization’s new name indicates, Justice for Workers Nova Scotia is focused on
demands that relate to provincial labour standards which affect workers across the province. “We are looking to involve workers from one end of the province to the other,” said Hailie Tattrie, a member of Justice for Workers Nova Scotia, “because labour standards need to increase for all Nova Scotia workers.” We believe that workers deserve higher wages and better working conditions. A few key demands of Justice for Workers Nova Scotia include a $20.00 minimum wage, 10 legislated permanent paid sick days, stronger enforcement of labour standards, simplifying the process for joining a union, and justice for migrant workers.

Justice for Workers Nova Scotia will be holding events and actions around the province in the coming months. “We are excited to be launching this new organization and look forward to continuing the conversations we have had with many Nova Scotian workers,” said Tattrie. If you are looking to get involved, you can email Justice for Workers Nova Scotia at or message our social media pages. Instagram: @justice4workersns | Facebook: @justice4workersns | Twitter: J4W_NS

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